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"You make it real....."
It is represent to all guest of Craft Cottage and me. It has almost same effect as "You can do it!". But for me "You make it real..." bring the meaning of Dream Come True, it give me more courage and patience to achieve goal. Which means it is more effective to me, because I'm always making stuff....


Monday, 5 September 2011

Tutorial - Making pretty wallpaper using Microsoft Power Point

As the title, lets get started with the tutorial!!

After open the Microsoft Power Point, select the following button shown in the picture below. Yes, we're going to draw a RECTANGLE as the frame of the wallpaper!!!
The size is same as the slide's.

Change the COLOR n OUTLINE of the rectangle
In my case, I choose BLACK~

You can start select the shape you want by click the button 1 and 2 shown in STEP 1
In my case, I draw a TRIANGLE.
You can MODIFY your shape by choose the "Shape Effects" drop box.
STEP 4:  start from this step i'll follow my design
The Shape Effect is choose as "Preset 10" by click the highlighted button,
the result is like the triangle CIRCLED. I've doubled the triangle.

In this state, when you move or rotate the shape, original state of the shape will be shown.
Highlight the two triangle
RIGHT-CLICK on the highlighted shapes, select "Save as Picture".
Save as .PNG. (in order to remain the transparency, like the picture below)

Insert the picture saved just now. Enlarged, crop, and placed it into desired position.
Select "Recolor" the picture by select the "Background color 2 Light".

Notice the dark purple image in the above image?
The dark purple is result of I copy the original image shown in STEP 5
and OVERLAPPING each other.
This is to differentiate it with the larger image behind it.
Draw a CIRCLE in white or light grey color. Select "Shape Effect" as shown in the image above. The circle will look as image above. Copy a number of the circles and adjust them in various size. Arrange them randomly.
TYPE a WordArt (optional). Select font TYPE, COLORS.
Select Text Effect as shown in image above.
Highlight the whole picture, RIGHT-CLICK and Save as Picture. And DONE!!!
BEWARE: When highlight the whole picture, it is IMPORTANT to ensure ALL COMPONENTS ARE IN THE FRAME (the big rectangle draw in STEP 1 as background).
The image below shows the situation of "exceed the frame"
If the image above saved, it will result in image below.


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Saying something on Pyssla

What a long time since the last blog post i've made......

Kinda feel sorry to my blog......

This time I want to talk about Pyssla.

Pyssla is colour beads that can be iron as a "image" board after the beads are arrange into a pattern.

There are a number of the colours. I bought my pyssla beads in IKEA. And it seems there are more colours available online... ==

When doing things, i tend to think "complex" but lazy at same time. (so will took very long time even until bedtime and end up not able to do on time...)
So i didn't make too much of product using pyssla (plus there's no place to put in my house)

Pyssla is quite suitable to make as keychain but not for hanging it on phone. (because it is easy to break apart)

Just one month ago, i'v participate in a fund raising activity for my society. They faced problem on finding vendors to help out. And so i suggest on selling pyssla product.

As mention above, i'm lazy. So originally, i just plan to make a number of stocks. Once they sold out, i'll not make new stock. It is because i cannot keep the stock if they didn't sold out and to avoid incurred of additional cost. Plus i cannot guarantee that i'll able to make new stock on time.

But reaction is good. Far better than i expect!!
Most customers are request for customization, especially for customize their name.

There are also some other request on making hello kitty, angry bird, onepiece logo, make according picture provided by customers, a slightly larger picture and frame it up.

For request on hello kitty and angry bird, i'm not able to accept the orders due to limitation of the white colour beads.

By the end, i sit at the booth whenever i dun have class. And luckily that, my juniors and other society members are very interested on pyssla.
They have contribute a great help for the pyssla customization!!! (especially on the name and the onepiece logo)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tutorial - Paper Craft

I think it is pyramid??
This is the tutorial of the recent post Colour Arrangement It is so so so detail (what a long tutorial), even my friend amazed that she could understand this too detail tutorial. Click to full view.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Food - Korokke コロッケ

コロッケ (Korokke), Japanese croquette, a deep fried dish with vegetables and meat. It is originally related a to French dish, Croquette.

The original recipe of the Korokke can be found at "Korokke recipe".

Someone maybe wondering why I didn't post the recipe of Korokke on the blog, because I want to introduce another type of Korokke which is easier for me to made. I learn it from a Taiwan's TV cooking show. Because of I didn't take down the note of the recipe, so I didn't write the quantity of the ingredient. You have to measure by yourself...... (Sorry for not able giving the details)

Step1, prepare the ingredient:
~ sweet potatoes (I have two)
~ Cheese for filling (those processed cheese, eg. Chesdale)
~ a little salt
~ pepper for season
~ vegetable oil
Coating: ~ Flour, egg and breadcrumb

Step2, Boil the sweet potatoes until soften, peel and mash the sweet potatoes while they are hot. (this will be easier to mash) Add a little salt and pepper for season and let it cool.

Step3, Take a piece of cheese and fold it into half twice(A whole piece of cheese for one korokke), then there should be four small pieces of square cheese(still for one korokke).

* Because of mine korokke is so small, so I break the cheeses into more smaller pieces and half of one piece of cheese can be enough for one korokke filling by fold it into half.

Step4, (rub some vegetable oil over your hands)Divide the sweet potatoes into several parts (depends on the quantities serving and the size of the korokke you desire), roll them into ball shape. Now put the filling (cheese) into the "ball" by made a pit on the ball. Cover the cheese, and roll it again, then flatten the "ball" into a flat and oval shape.

Step5, Here comes the coating, coat each korokke with flour, then dip it in the beaten egg, and coat it with the breadcrumb. (no photo, because I'm forgot......)

Step 6, Heat the vegetable oil over medium high heat. Then fried it! By using low fire / soft fire(?)/small fire. Fried the korokke until golden brown.Remove it from the oil, set on paper towel to drain excess oil.

Finally, it ready to be eat! Serve it with rice with tomato sauce or topping would be tasty!

BON APPETITE! (oops! One is too black....)
(the filling of the korokke I made feel soft...)

* Use 4 and above sweet potatoes can made more korokke in bigger size. Mine korokke is smaller than normal one. You can see it through the link above.

Leave a comment about this article, I would like to know how do you feel about this article. Thanks.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Origami - Colour Arrangement

This a kind of paper craft made from star paper strips......
And I've accidentally added some star into the bottle, hehe.... (the image below)

I had arranged these little things by using some little tricks~

The image above is the bottom of the bottle.

Because of the lack of this type of star paper strips and the space available in the bottle is too big for fulling using these little pyramid-alike things.
So, I put a toilet paper roll with one side had wrap with plastic sheet to prevent these things goes into the hole of the toilet paper roll....

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Introduction to Tatting

Click the image above for full view.....
Here's the URL of the image above. [link]

Did anyone have heard of tatting before?
I'm only knew the existence of tatting at about............. May 2009.
Yup, it is this year, the year of 2009!

The flower-like things in the image above are made by the technique of tatting.
Commonly, there 2 type of tatting,
a) needle tatting, using tatting needle, a long, blunt needle that does not change thickness at the eye of the needle
b) shuttle tatting, using tatting shuttle, a shuttle with a hook at one end.

Actually tatting is one of the technique for making some of lace which is made by a series of knots and loops....
For information feel free to see more detail information of tatting at Wikipedia.

There are many knowledge with tatting.
I've find many information about the tutorial of needle tatting
and shuttle tatting, and I'm only could figured out its concept. And I made the tatting by using hands with a little help of a normal needle and a crochet hook, because I did not have neither the tatting shutter and the tatting needle.

I'll try make some post about the technique of tatting. For both needle tatting and shuttle tatting. Maybe give some link to those website which have more information about tatting.

If possible, I'll make tutorial about tatting. In my way.....

*Though my ways for tatting maybe more easier for those who did not have the the shuttle and the tatting needle, but my way may harm your hands if make it using too much strength. So be sure becareful if you want to make tatting in my ways.....

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Origami : Camphor Cube

Hi! The first art craft tutorial I post is Camphor Cube (image above)! A cube made of 6 square paper, kind of origami art.
Since the materials are easy to obtain, so lets grab 6 pieces of square paper(choose the colour you desire) and get start now!! You can view the steps by using the tutorial below. This tutorial also can be found at Snowny's Deviantart gallery. Feel free to see~

This is my very first tutorial.......